I fucking hate dating. I hate how destructive it is and how it makes me neurotic and raises my anxiety levels. I hate how I’m constantly wondering if the person is into me the same way I’m into them. I hate all of it. I hate how as soon as I see her all of it disappears and I’m happy again. And then once the date is over, I get into the old groove of pacing around. It’s a drug, and it’s god awful.

I hope this continues though, I really like her.

But fuck dating in your mid 20s.



Lifehack: Accidentally text the wrong person? Immediately put your phone on airplane mode and once it fails to deliver, delete the message.

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Lifehack Accidentally text the wrong person using iMessage? Immediately try to will yourself out of existence. 

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Notice how if we were to stop arguing about who’s right or wrong we could pretty much change the world.

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oh my lord. this is a photo of what success looks like.


oh my lord. this is a photo of what success looks like.

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This is yet another Samoyed Appreciation Post. Because why not? They are just the cutest litte balls of floof! I want 5000 of them! 

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